Program Information

The BioSpiritual Focusing Education Series has as its primary goal to enhance the skills of spiritual directors and pastoral ministers in the use of Focusing techniques in their ministries.  The Series is comprised of an Introduction ( Level I program), a Book Study ( Level II ) and Online Monthly Series ( Level III )  programs, all designed to provide not only an introduction to Focusing from a BioSpiritual perspective but also more in depth experiences and practices in companioning others on their spiritual journeys.  For cost and logistics information, consult the tab above.

The three programs of this Series are as follows:

 1. Introduction to BioSpiritual Focusing in Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Care : ( Level I )
A four hour overview of BioSpiritual Focusing and its applications to spiritual  direction and pastoral care settings. 

2. Book Study: Rediscovering the Lost Body Connection ( Level II )

This is an eight week book study program that introduces the participants to the Focusing experience and the Focusing flow/process.

 3.  Monthly Series Program: (6 monthly 2 hour Zoom online sessions) ( Level III )

  • Month 1: BioSpiritual Focusing Flow I:
                This session will cover the Focusing process in detail and provide initial individual experiences and practice in Focusing.
  • Month 2: BioSpiritual Focusing Flow II
  •            This two hour online program will continue the study of  the Focusing flow and provide individual  experiences and practice in Focusing
  •  Month 3: BioSpiritual Focusing  – Companioning Skills I:
              This two hour online program will expand and deepen participants’ focusing skills and introduce the art  and techniques of companioning others within the BioSpiritual model.
  • Month 4: BioSpiritual Companioning Skills II:
               This two hour online program will advance the participant’s use of their companioning skills in a spiritual direction and pastoral care setting
  • Month 5: BioSpiritual Companioning Skills III:
                This two hour online program will focus on problem solving issues, inner critics and barriers that might be encountered in a spiritual direction/biospiritual setting
  • Month 6: Spiritual Direction and BioSpirituality:
    This two hour webinar will conclude the series with a focus on BioSpirituality as a Spiritual Practice and the steps for configuring the implementation of BSF oriented spiritual direction.
  • Intra-Session Experiences/Practices in BioSpiritual Focusing:             

                    Between each of the monthly classes, the program participants will be partnered with another participant for weekly focusing practice. In addition, each participant will also receive an hour of companioning coaching with a program instructor in each of the last three months of the program.